It’s time to break the barrier to Nepal’s development by electing young, dynamic leaders

File image: The parliament building of Nepal
File image: The parliament building of Nepal

Nepal is gifted by the nature, and it is also referred to as heaven. Unfortunately, Nepal is pushed towards darkness due to incompetent leaders who are playing with the country’s political, economic, social, religious and cultural sectors. Nepal seriously lacks dynamic leaders.

If you have to talk about practising democracy in Nepal, Nepalis are not able to fully enjoy its fruit. Moreover, existing political parties and their leaders are incapable of leading and have many problems. For example, the political parties seem to be private business companies, and their chairmen (yes, the chair”men”) are like the CEOs.

They never take their jobs, responsibilities, and accountability to work for Nepal’s common people seriously. They are always focusing on only their family members, relatives, own circles, groups and their party members to share political power and resources. These so-called leaders are the ones who enjoyed and took benefit of so call democracy creating a huge gap between ordinary people and leaders, particularly in the case of parliamentarians. And they approach and visit ordinary people only during election time and other times be deaf to the problems of common people.

But, now, with the parliamentary elections coming to the doorstep, it is time to break the barrier to the country’s development and move ahead. You can do this by electing young and dynamic leaders in the elections.    

Youth for the overall development of Nepal

Dynamic Leaders
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The ongoing corruption, some constitutional flaws, unequal treaties with neighbours, poorer development planning, weak policies and their weak implementation, and political interference in every sector are some major problems facing the country today. Leaders are guided by other countries and serve those countries’ interests. They supply the workforce across the world but fail to create employment opportunities in the country all thanks to the incompetent, greedy and selfish political parties of Nepal.

So what can bring the change in the scenario? Of course, it has to be young, energetic and dynamic leaders. Those young leaders with integrity are required for bringing change in the nation and leading it towards overall development.

The young generation should participate actively in politics whether they are associated with political parties or independently to solve the above-mentioned problems and to deliver the best possible services for the people to build Nepal towards positivity through the leadership of young, dynamic leaders.

Breaking the political syndicate

Voters list voting

Now, it is time to break the strong political syndicate deeply rooted in Nepal. Young, updated and dynamic leaders should replace outdated leaders through ballots. On the other hand, the people also should politically be aware and seriously select the appropriate new candidates in the elections and save the value for the future and coming generations. It is time for all to think twice about how to utilise the right to vote.

We know very well about the frequently elected tested and failed leaders who made Nepal economically and politically the worst nation. This is a very important time to change our traditional political mentality to transform Nepal and revolutionise political culture as well as overall development and save the nation.

If we do not realise this again, definitely, we will face a worse situation and ruin the future forever, transforming Nepal into an old-age home. We know time and tide wait for none. There is no doubt if we follow the existing political culture, we will be further pushing the nation towards darkness. So, this is our chance to change by electing young, dynamic leaders.

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