Nepal internet price to go up by up to Rs 300 a month

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Kathmandu, September 17

The internet price in Nepal is likely to go up by up to Rs 300 a month as major internet service providers of the country made an agreement.

The Internet Service Providers’ Association of Nepal says its member companies will increase the monthly internet price by Rs 150 in the rural areas and by Rs 300 in the urban areas once the government approves the request.

The national telecommunications regulator, Nepal Telecommunications Authority, is expected to make a decision in this regard soon.

ISPAN says it is forced to hike the price as the government-owned Nepal Electricity Authority and Nepal Telecom increased the rent they collect from the ISPs for using their utility poles.

ISPAN President Sudhir Parajuli says the decision will affect over 90 per cent of internet users in Nepal.

Nepal’s internet service is already blamed for being expensive whereas the quality is also substandard in general.

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