Nepal brings medical equipment from China on chartered aircraft

Various medical equipment donated by China to Nepal to fight the coronavirus crisis. Photo:

Kathmandu, March 29

The government on Nepal on Sunday morning brought various medical equipment from China for the test of suspected coronavirus infected cases and the treatment of Covid-19 patients.

A Nepal Airlines Corporation aircraft had flown to Guangzhou of China yesterday to fetch the goods including personal protective equipment for doctors and health workers. The aeroplane landed back at the Tribhuvan International Airport at 5:30 am today, according to the corporation.

Chinese Ambassador to Nepal, Hou Yanqi, has informed that the aircraft carried the emergency materials including the PPEs and thermometers donated by Sichuan provincial government, Sichuan Provincial Investment Group and the  Chinese Embassy.

“The first batch of emergency epidemic prevention materials including masks donated by Jack Ma Foundation and Alibaba Foundation will also arrive on the same flight,” she wrote on her Twitter, “Others like testing kits are coming soon!”

Earlier, the Chinese government had floated a proposal to send any kind of support it needs for combatting the crisis.

Though the virus originated in China, Nepal’s northern neighbour has significantly recovered from the loss and now has begun to offer help to other countries.

Published on March 29th, Sunday, 2020 9:10 AM

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  • Riyaz Shrestha says: | March 31 2020 10:18am

    I don’t think this is a donation.


  • ansuman says: | March 30 2020 5:26pm

    No one cares wheather its coming by a chatered flight or a commercial cargo….or been hauled on back of mules….

    What matters is once resources available need to get deployed on war front…..not come up with reasons and excuses after excuses…..and keep going bholiko…..chaina….hudaina…..route…..this Covid wont leave much scope to any lapses…..

    1 single infection can pull down millions…..act fast….else there wont be actors or may be the stage to act even….

    Count and check on days past under lockdownnamd what incrimental changes been done on ground apart from words…..

    At present conditions… least tests could have been completed for 5000 people over 7 days…..but total test numbers didnt even cross 1000….

    There has been no details on the test results …..
    There has been no details on how many suspects been admitted…..

    All these data and news is what that would matters……


  • china says: | March 29 2020 9:44am

    i think you using your heart to writing , where form the virus ,please care for you mouth!


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