National Assembly election: 549 voters from province assemblies, 1,498 from local levels

National Assembly election

Kathmandu, January 7

The Election Commission (EC) has released a final list of voters for the upcoming National Assembly election.

The National Assembly election will be held on January 25.

Issuing a statement on Sunday, the Commission that final name lists of voters were published at the offices of election officers in all seven provinces.

Provincial Assembly9310711060874053
Local Level274272238170218158176
Vote weightage10,13510,83910,3526,4908,7535,1226,153
Province-wise voters and weightage.

According to the Commission, there are a total of 549 voters from seven provincial assemblies and 1,498 voters from local levels. However, the total vote weightage from provinces (where one vote equals 53 votes) is 29,097, while from the local level (where one vote equals 53 votes), the vote accumulation is 28,462.

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