NAC suspends captain Vijaya Lama for shooting in the cockpit

Vijaya Lama
Vijaya Lama with Sam Chui.

Kathmandu, November 9

The Nepal Airlines Corporation is investigating pilot Vijaya Lama for violating flight operations requirements.

This comes after Lama allowed a YouTuber to film inside the cockpit where only pilots and cabin crew members are allowed to enter.

Photographers or videographers are allowed to enter the cockpit but they have to seek prior permission from the director general of the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).

Lama has been suspended until the investigation is ongoing.

Sam Chui, a Chinese aviation and travel vlogger, has released a video of him inside the NAC aircraft where he interviewed Lama inside the cockpit.

“There’s a security risk when random people are allowed into the cockpit. We’ve started an investigation and the final decision on this will be made by the director general,” says Gyanendra Bhul, the information officer of the authority.

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