Mother and daughter duo arrested after killing neighbour’s 3-year-old

Janakpurdham, April 29

A mother and daughter have been arrested for murdering a three-year-old daughter in a neighbourhood in Siraha.

Those arrested are 47-year-old Sona Devi Yadav and her daughter Pooja Kumari Yadav of Sirha Municipality-18 Jaruwa Laxminia Tole. Sona Devi’s husband Dhaniklal Yadav is absconding.

DSP Muktinath Sapkota informed that the mother and daughter were arrested for murdering Riya Kumari, the three-year-old daughter of neighbour Ramesh Yadav.

According to DSP Sapkota, Ramesh’s daughter Riya went missing while playing in front of the house around 10 am on April 24.

During the search, the dead body of the girl was found near the ladder leading to the roof of the neighbour Dhaniklal Yadav’s house at 11:30 am in the night on April 26.

DSP Sapkota said that the girl’s body was found in a black plastic bag..

According to DSP Sapkota, during the investigation, it was revealed that Dhaniklal’s family had killed Ramesh’s daughter.

According to him, there was a quarrel between the neighbours Ramesh and Dhaniklal’s family for about a year. DSP Sapkota said that because of the same incident, Dhaniklal’s family gave biscuits to the girl who was playing in front of the house and took her inside their house to kill her.

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