10 most popular social media pages in Nepal

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There have been huge revolutions in the field of communications in Nepal also. Common communication activities like sharing of news, views, ideas, opinions from one person to another have changed their medium, time and again with respect to development, since the beginning of the 21st century. The biggest medium today has been social media, one of the greatest discoveries of humankind.

Globally, and in Nepal, social media are now dynamically being used to text, chat, communicate in audio or visual forms and played a role in the development of communication patterns and behaviours. Recent developments also show that social media are changing the way people get information despite their credibility, form as well as express their opinions. For example, in Nepal, some pages on different social media platforms have become so pervasive that certain groups of people are completely dependent on them for news, views, and other ideas.

Some of the popular social media pages that people follow dedicatedly in Nepal, even though some of them run without organisational association, are as follows:

1. Routine of Nepal Banda

Photo: Routine of Nepal Banda/ Facebook

The Routine of Nepal Banda is a revolutionary Facebook page that has brought a change in the way people digest daily news and updates happening in the nation. What started as a page to provide the schedule of Nepal Banda (i.e. general strikes) called by political parties, as well as load-shedding routines, has now become a crucial part of Nepalis’ social lives. A post on RONB is sure to go viral, which is why people take RONB share as a boost for their story and exposure.

As the information provided by them is relevant, precise and crucial for people, many started following the Routine of Nepal Banda growing organically every day. But, the Routine of Nepal Banda page is highly trusted and it can be seen in the 2.3 million likes on its Facebook page and 978K followers on Instagram, in the present day. Likewise, it has 196.3K followers on Twitter

2. Stories of Nepal

Photo: Cover picture of Stories of Nepal/ Facebook

On one hand, people are too busy to socialise, while on the other, people are attracted to read human stories. If you are one of those, you can dive deep into the Facebook page Stories of Nepal. It shares stories of people with different culture, religion, beliefs living in the various parts of Nepal. It has also brought together people from rural as well as urban cities of Nepal, helping them release stress by sharing their stories.

Inspired by Humans of New York, the page which was created in October 2013 is now acting as space or a friend who listens to one’s hurdle without judgement. One can share their inspirations, struggles, and life lessons with people to be heard. People have been loving its initiative and it can be seen in over 449K likes on its Facebook page and 30.6K followers on Instagram

3. Meme Nepal

Photo: Meme Nepal/ Facebook

Meme Nepal is the choice of people who enjoy humour and sarcasm. This sarcastic Facebook page started in April 2014 and has been creating funny memes with the motto of entertaining people. They include memes and sarcastic posts about trending events, social issues, and political subjects occurring in the nation.

For people looking for a humorous escape from their lives, Meme Nepal is an entertainment package. How many people love the page can be seen through the engagement on the page and the over 1.2 million likes on its Facebook page and 496K followers on Instagram

4. Sharemandu

Photo: Sharemandu/ Facebook

Share market is a big craze in Kathmandu these days. Everyone is investing in shares this year. For those already investing and also those who know nothing about it, Sharemandu has been a crucial information site. Sharemandu is a fairly new social media page that was created in August 2019 but is very resourceful in terms of shares or stock market-related information in Nepal.

Sharemandu updates the newcomers as well as the informative youth about the shares as well as the initial public offerings (IPOs) in the coming days. These services from Sharemandu have been liked by more than 58K people on Facebook and 20K people on Instagram.

5. Wisdom Nepal

Photo: Wisdom Nepal/ Facebook

Meanwhile, enthusiasts who aspire to be businesspersons one day are dedicated followers of Wisdom Nepal. The page gives people business-related information from all across the globe as well as inspirational business quotes.

Since January 2018, many minds have been receiving business news, ideas with the help of Wisdom Nepal. The inspirational words shared on this page have motivated youth to be better in their respected fields. Wisdom Nepal has been liked by more than 29.8K followers on Instagram and it has 56K likes on Facebook.

6. Nepal Speaks

Photo: Nepal Speaks/ Facebook

Nepal Speaks is an open platform where one can show solidarity with others in times of injustice. If one wants to raise their voice for the welfare of everyone, they are surely a follower of Nepal Speaks.

Nepal Speaks, since its inception in 2010, has been taking great initiatives. It hass created such a platform that the citizens of Nepal can raise their voice as well as get news related to health, social and political issues which brings hype within the youth. The page has been liked by 27.8K followers on Instagram and over 3K followers on Facebook.

7. Quotes Nepal

Photo: Quotes Nepal/ Facebook

Apart from social and political updates, social media has been crucial for people to relate to others. Quotes Nepal is the one such social media page on which you can do that. It was established on Facebook in December 2017 and has been sharing sweet and short quotes regarding human struggle, love life, motivational words that speak out to the people.

Their video-based quotes and contents are liked more by people. So far, the growth of Quotes Nepal seems steady with 124K likes on Facebook and 135K followers on Instagram.

8. Style Nepal

Photo: Style Nepal/ Facebook

Style Nepal is an active page on Instagram since 2019. Though there is ‘Style’ in its name, it is not related to fashion. Rather, it is a great initiative that has been promoting people and entertaining them at the same time. It usually shares video-based posts that are funny, and inspirational. It is sure to give one a laugh.

Style Nepal has been loved by people and has become a medium to release stress. The page has already more than 22.9K followers on Instagram and 1.9K on Facebook.

9. Everything About Nepal

Photo: Everything About Nepal/ Instagram

Nepal is filled with places to visit. Everyone loves to travel, but they might be unaware of the beautiful places of Nepal. Everything About Nepal is a wonderful Instagram page for all kinds of travellers. The page shares information and amazing pictures regarding the beautiful nature, delicious food, and adventurous places of Nepal.

The page has also been sharing the information provided by the general public, increasing engagement and craze among youth to share their experiences. The page has 52.7K followers on Instagram.

10. Hidden Quotes

Photo: Hidden Quotes Nepal/ Facebook

Once in life, everyone needs some boost to move forward. If you are experiencing such a hiccup in life, visit  Hidden Quotes to motivate yourself in your life. Since 2017, Hidden Quotes is spreading amazing words out there, which motivates them to do better. To have a good quote, you can also share your submissions to the page.

Hidden Quotes has been growing time and again and is loved by 12.6K followers on Instagram and 18K followers on Facebook.

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