Mood On Café review: Good food and good ambience

A busy restaurant often means two things – good food and good staff. That is exactly what you get when you visit Mood On Café.

Located in the busy area of New Baneshwor, opposite to the Parliament building, the restaurant has been doing good business since it opened nearly a year ago.  The owner Sanjay Neupane, who had been applying this trade in the hospitality field in Dubai, decided to come back and start something he could call his own.

After looking at different locations, he was lucky when he got space in one of the busiest parts of the town. The owner named the café Mood On because he wanted it to appeal to the younger crowd and also wanted it to be catchy. Spread over three floors, the restaurant, even though it looks a bit small from outside, can cater up to 100 people making it ideal for office gatherings or any small family event.

The menu is quite vast and the price range is quite elaborate giving everyone a chance to come and enjoy the warm ambience of the place. The owner wants the café to be a place where memories are made and has prepared the menu so that even young students can come and dine in.

Staff of the cafe really serve you well. All the young boys and girls have been trained by Neupane himself. He has taught them what he learned. He mentions he wants to create a platform where his staff can grow along with his business. In doing so, he wants to build up an environment where everyone has a good time at his café and that includes the cheerful and helpful staff who bring food. The food that is served here is fresh and hygienic and is brought to the café every day, because the owner does not want to use stale food.

We started our meal with one of their signature dish, the chicken gold coin, which is chicken kebab garnished with a salsa like sauce after the kebab is cooked. Not only did it look and smell good, it tasted just as good. The kebab was soft and tender and full of herbs and spices and was complemented by the salsa like sauce on top.

Chicken Gold Coin

Then came the Mood On Special Platter which had aloojeera, chicken sausage, chicken chilly, chicken wings and chicken momo. This is a dish that you can share with your friends and goes well with cold drink. The wings are quite tasty and mildly spiced compared to the chicken chilly which was quite spicy. The momo and the rest of the items in the menu are just as good.

Mood On Special Platter

The final food we tried was the crispy fried chicken, which was quite different to the other crispy chickens available in the market. Not as good as KFC or KKFC, the crispy chicken was still quite tasty which had a different and distinct batter. This is a dish recommended to everyone who love their chicken.

Crispy Fried Chicken

Overall, the café is a pleasant place. At a time when you hardly get a nice hygienic place to eat, Mood On which is in the heart of Baneshwor is a good place especially for office goers to go have their lunch at. Its warm atmosphere is sure to please everyone who goes to this café.

New Baneshwor (Opposite of BICC Water Tank)

Phone: 01-4499797

Timing: 8 AM – 9 PM

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