How can you make your phone last long? 8 tips for Nepalis


Different people have different opinions on how long a smartphone should last.

It also depends on the phone itself. For example, Apple’s iPhone can last up to three years whereas Android phones usually need to be replaced within two years. The phones can usually be fixed upon the damage, but with the rapid development in technology, many people discard their current phones and purchase new ones. The new developments, features and updates on the phones are surely tempting.

But, purchasing a new smartphone may not be possible always. So, today, we bring you some tips and tricks that every mobile phone user should do now to improve the performance of a smartphone and make it more durable, especially in the context of Nepal.

1. Maintain your battery

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It is very important to keep proper care of the phone’s battery. Batteries come with a certain number of charge cycles – one cycle going from fully charged to fully discharged – and as it runs through more of these cycles, a battery becomes less efficient at delivering charge.

To ensure your battery lasts long, the phone should not be used when the battery is less than 25%, the capacity of holding the charge reduces dramatically at this point. Draining the battery to 0 and charging it to the max is also never a good idea. It will reduce the battery’s life.

Idle charging is always recommended. A proper charge cycle will always give the maximum life span of a battery. If in case the battery does not hold the charge at all, there is always an option of replacing the battery instead of replacing the phone itself. A change in the battery can make a huge difference in the performance of the phone.

2. Clean the ports

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This is probably the most ignored thing by a smartphone user. Using a phone that is full of grease and grime is not something any of you want to do.

Cleaning of the ports should be done once in a while as it can affect the operation of the phone itself. With all the dust and pollution, there is a very high chance of having sand or other dirt in the ports of the phone. Cleaning the ports will not take much time but is a very important thing to do. The same goes for the dirt and sand inside the case. Removing the phone from the case and cleaning it should be done every once in a while.

3. Use original accessories

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The reason a smartphone is always provided with accessories (in most cases) is to ensure the durability of the phone itself. Original accessories are designed to perfectly fit the smartphone. They ensure the smartphone lasts longer and problem-free. The cheap alternatives may damage the ports and ultimately the smartphone itself.

4. Remove unnecessary apps and photos

As the phone gets older, it starts slowing down and lagging. Almost every smartphone user has experienced serious lags at times that make it frustrating to use the device. In most cases, this happens because the storage and RAM capabilities of the smartphone are being maxed out. Then, there will be a substantial drop in performance when 80% of the storage is used. Some apps may even run in the background which can compromise the performance of the phone.

Make sure to delete the apps you do not use anymore and back up the photos in external storage or in cloud storage to free up space. This can actually help in boosting the performance of the phone and give you more time before upgrading.

5. Mind screen protection

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A screen is the most vulnerable part of your smartphone. A broken screen will make the phone nearly impossible to use. It may even lead to further damages. So, before reaching this stage, it is highly recommended to protect the screen of the smartphone by adding tempered glass on its top. It not only is safe but also a smart investment to reduce the risk of ending up with a smashed screen.

If you end up with a broken screen in any way, make sure to replace it as soon as possible. The longer you wait to repair, the more dirt and debris can make their way their way into the cracks and can compromise the internal components of the phone.

6. Avoid overworking and overheating

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Overworking and overheating the phone always degrades the health of the phone’s battery. People often have a habit of using their phones while charging. A handful even plays high-end games while charging. This affects the durability of the phone. Avoiding situations when the battery could overheat is always the best option. Leaving the phone outside in direct sunlight and playing games during charging stress the battery and ultimately reduce the battery life. The phone starts underperforming and sometimes even shuts itself off if it is overheating.

7. Switch off regularly

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It is highly recommended to switch your phone off every once in a while. Simply allowing your phone to power down for a few minutes at least once a week will help it run more efficiently, and this will also extend its useful life. It will also help in storing the battery. In the long run, this process can help the phone become more durable and perform consistently. Just like laptops, the phone should also be given a proper rest for the smooth performance and delivery.

8. Have a good case

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A good phone case is always the best option to avoid any costly accidents. Though the phone may look nice without the cover, getting a good case for the phone may save you tons of money.

The build of the phones is not that strong these days as they are made to look more attractive. No case is going to prevent every possible type of damage, but purchasing something very sturdy will give you the best protection against an expensive repair. A good phone case will not only protect your phone but also will help it to stay in pristine condition. This can be of great help in reselling as well.

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