8 things you need to do to ensure your laptop lasts long in Nepal

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For most people, laptops are way more convenient than desktops. Most people these days rely on laptops to do their work. A good laptop can be as powerful as you want it to be and that is why there are a lot of expensive ones in the market.

Since a laptop is more expensive to replace, it is very important to know how to properly take care of it. Since you can take your laptop almost everywhere, it can take a lot of abuse from you than you might think. Today. we will be providing you with a list of things you should do to ensure your laptop lasts long, especially in the context of Nepal.

1. Ensure proper routine care

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Needless to say, this is the most important part of making your laptop last long. Always be cautious when leaving the laptop unattended. Make sure it is not around children and pets nor too direct towards the sunlight. Proper routine care must be maintained. Placing drinks next to the laptop or eating near it should be avoided. Holding the laptop by screen should never be done. Storing the laptop at a suitable temperature is important and you should avoid placing the laptop close to any electrical appliance.

2. Protect in a bag

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It is very likely that your laptop will travel places along with you, so it is important to keep it protected all the time. Purchasing an appropriate carry bag is highly recommended. Stacking up things with the laptop should be avoided as it can damage the parts of the laptop. Take proper care of the screen as well. People often forget that they place things on the keyboard of the laptop and close the lid which can crack the screen. Be mindful of not placing anything on the keyboard in the first place. Also, slamming the lid down may cause damage to the laptop.

3. Keep the laptop clean

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A lot of gunk dust, hair, dirt, crumbs to name a few can get in your laptop if you are working and carrying it in a different place. This can be pretty harmful to your laptop and will affect its performance. Gunk can prevent the fan from doing its job and can affect the temperature of the laptop as well. It always best not to let the gunk in the laptop in the first place. This is the reason you should not have drinks or foods near the laptop. It is wise to close the laptop and put it inside the case when you are not using it. Ultimately, some gunk is inevitable, so it is wise to clean your laptop with proper tools or take it to the professionals whenever needed.

4. Keep it clean inside

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If your laptop has a hard drive, defragmenting it once every two months can help in the efficient performance of the laptop. Keeping it clean inside also means deleting unwanted files, folders and apps. Freeing up space by deleting such unwanted items increases the performance of your laptop and reduces the work the hard drive has to do.

5. Avoid overheating

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A cool computer is always a longer-lasting computer. Always make sure there is adequate airflow when you are using the laptop. Using the laptop in bed or carpet should be avoided. Also using the pillow as padding should be avoided as it can block the air vents of the laptop. The use of a cooling fan is recommended as it lifts the laptop from the surface and has built-in fans that facilitate better airflows. Limiting the number of programs you run also helps in avoiding the overheat of the laptop. For normal use, you can always enable power-saving mode.

6. Run a virus scan

We use a lot of the internet and download tons of things. Along with downloading the things we need, we may unknowingly download malware or spyware along with them. They are a common reason for slowing your laptop. Running a virus scan can help you find the cause of your slow computer and can block malware attacks before they happen. Your browser choice can also help you with protection from malware.

7. Taking care of the battery

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The battery is an essential part of the laptop and is the power source on which your laptop runs. Proper care of the battery must be taken in order to increase its lifespan. Always make sure that the batteries are kept at normal temperature. If you are storing your laptop for a few days, it is recommended to keep your battery half charged rather than fully or no charge at all. Needless to say, do not leave your laptop plugged in overnight.

8. Upgrade

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With time, the performance of your laptop will keep on deteriorating. Instead of buying a new laptop, you can upgrade the parts of your laptop and it can surprisingly increase the usability of your laptop and increase the performance of your machine. Hardware parts like fans, hard drive or battery which can affect the performance of the laptop can be upgraded or replaced. You can upgrade a faster drive to your laptop and also increase the RAM which will increase the speed, performance as well as lifespan of your laptop.

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