Mahottari: Court orders recount of votes 4 years after the elections

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Janakpurdham, September 28

The Janakpur High Court has ordered the recount of votes in ward 10 of the Manarasiswa municipality of the Mahottari district in Province 2, over four years after the local elections were held.

The polls were held in the ward to elect its officials on September 18, 2017. Hence, the next elections are expected to be held by this time next year.

But, the court ordered the recount of votes in response to a writ petition filed by Ramesh Raya, a ward chair candidate. As per the order, the recount will be held on October 24.

Raya, an independent candidate, and Arun Chaudhary of the Nepali Congress had received equal 67 votes for the position. The election officials had then decided the candidate by drawing a lot, as per the tradition.

But, Raya argues Chaudhary had received 64 votes only and the officials added three votes from the ballots that were wrongly cast.

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