Exhibition Exploring Impermanence Through Art begins at Licchavi House

Licchavi House

Kathmandu, March 25

A group art exhibition titled ‘Exploring Impermanence Through Art’ began on March 24 at Licchavi House, Bouddha. The exhibition features local and international artists and is curated by Canadian artist Emily Avery Crow.

According to Crow, the exhibition is based on the theme of Annica which translates as impermanence. She adds, “It is a part of life that we all experience in ways that are both obvious and subtle — our changing reflection in the mirror, the death of a loved one, the changing of seasons, the shifting of our moods throughout the day, global climate change, and so on.”

There are eight participating artists in the exhibition, who have exhibited photography, paintings, video,
and interactive installations.

“We are excited to present this collection of artwork that displays each artist’s unique style as well
as encourage deep, profound thinking about how life is always changing”, says Tari Ratna
Pradhan, Head of Events and Programming for Licchavi House.

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