KGH Hotels in Kathmandu to produce zero plastic waste

KGH Hotels’ director Sagini Singh Shakya disposing plastic waste in the high combustion smokeless incinerator. Photo: KGH Hotels

Kathmandu, June 5

The KGH Hotels in Kathmandu claims to be the first hotel chain in Nepal to produce zero plastic waste.

The hotel is partnering with HITA Group, a waste management specialist company, to dispose of the single-use plastic used by the Kathmandu Guest House and two other hotels using high combustion smokeless incinerators. This comes after major hotels in Nepal expressed their commitment to stop using single-use plastics.

KGH Hotels’ Executive Director Saguni Singh Shakya says the KGH Group is deeply committed to being an eco-friendly hotel and this initiative with the HITA Group will ecologically dispose of all its non-biodegradable waste such as mineral water bottles, soft drinks bottles, milk packets, oil packets and other plastic food packaging; room amenities such as shampoo, soaps, body wash packs; and all guest plastic waste.  

She says the incinerator is certified by World Health Organization and is one of the only kind in Kathmandu with zero polluting factors. She says it has the capacity to burn half a tonne of waste (plastic, paper, rubber) at one time and takes out around 10 kg ash balls that can be used for walling or tiling purposes.   

Shakya says the hotel also plans to go plastic-free in the coming two years, but it has already been practising this for a while.

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