Kathmandu metropolis to introduce one-way streets in 3 key sections

one-way street

Kathmandu, October 9

Three road sections within Kathmandu metropolitan city will be converted into one-way streets.

The spokesperson for Kathmandu Valley Traffic Police, SSP Rajendra Prasad Bhatta, has declared that the stretch from Nepal Academy to Ghanta Ghar, as well as the route from Mahendra Statue at Darbarmarg to Kathmandu Plaza, will be designated as one-way streets.

Likewise, spokesperson Bhatta informed that the road from Tripureshwar to Gusingal via Setopul (new bridge) connecting Kathmandu-Lalitpur is going to be made one-way.

While the decision to convert the road into a one-way route has been finalised, the traffic police is yet to set up signs and inform the public about the change.

The traffic police have stressed that the new system will be enforced, and any infractions will be met with appropriate fines.

If the decision is put into effect, it will allow travel from Tripureshwar to Sanepa via the Setopul (new bridge) connecting Kathmandu and Lalitpur. However, returning to Tripureshwar using the same route will no longer be an option. Those journeying from Lalitpur will need to take the road leading to Teku.

People are no longer allowed to turn left from Ghanta Ghar towards Kamaladi. The left turn from Kathmandu Plaza to Darbarmarg has also been prohibited.

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