Kathmandu city to turn dust into bricks

File: A dusty road of Kathmandu

Kathmandu, December 11

The Kathmandu metropolitan city says it is preparing to make bricks out of dust collected in the city.

So far, approximately 6,500 tonnes of dust have been collected from the city as the local government has been cleaning city roads using broomer machines for the past two years. At present, the dust has been deposited at Teku.

To this effect, discussions with the concerned authorities are underway, says Hari Kumar Shrestha, the chief of the environment department at the KMC.

Seven broomer machines that were purchased from Italy two years ago at a cost of Rs 108 million have been deployed every day to clean Kathmandu roads. Except for rain, cleaning roads has taken place every day, says the city.

A broomer machine can collect dust at a distance of 10 kilometres on a daily basis. Of the broomer machines the city has, four have the capacity of collecting 16 tonnes dust and one has capacity of collecting six tonnes.

Meanwhile, the city has urged the Department of Roads to fill and repair potholes along roads at New Road, Ratnapark, Jamal, Kalimati, Kalanki, Putalisadak and Bijulibazar.

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