Nepali bankers start International Financial Learning Hub to enhance industry skills

Photo by Eduardo Soares on Unsplash

Kathmandu, February 16

Bankers in Nepal have established the International Financial Learning Hub, a training institute to improve the skills of banks in Nepal.

The institute was established by bankers Manish Kumar Singh, former deputy general manager of Bank of Kathmandu, Thamman Bahadur Khatri, former assistant general manager of Bank of Kathmandu and Amit Bahadur Chand, former chief manager of Global IME Bank.

This company aims to become the preferred partner in the financial sector for enhancing the knowledge and skills of the employees through superior training solutions.

The inauguration of the institute, along with its initial training program titled Paradigm Shift in Branch Management, took place at Hotel Aloft on February 15. Former CEO of Bank of Kathmandu, Ajay Shrestha, inaugurated the event.

The training aimed to highlight the latest approaches in branch management, focusing on profit maximisation rather than operational methods. Various transfer pricing models were highlighted during the program.

Ajay Shrestha, recognised for his expertise in the banking industry, served as the main resource person, alongside Manish Kumar Singh, a skilled professional in Treasury Management, and Mahesh Bajracharya, specializing in Operations Management.

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