Infant missing from Biratnagar hospital rescued

selling infant
Dr Tapeshwor Lal Karna arrested for selling an infant.

Biratnagar, August 23

Police have rescued an infant who had gone missing from Green Cross Hospital in Biratnagar. The infant was on the verge of being sold, said police.

Police, on August 20, arrested Dr Tapeshwor Lal Karna and Gobinda Rai said police for their role in the baby disappearing.

According to the police’s preliminary investigation, the infant was sold by Karna to Dil Maya Rajbanshi.

DSP Ranjan Kumar Dahal said Karna took around Rs 50,000 to sell the baby. However, police believe there is more money involved.

“We are investigating the case,” said Dahal.

Police have also arrested hopsital staff Sudha Rajbanshi and a woker at Karna’s clinic Nirmala Yadav.

The family who bought the baby has also been called to the police office.

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