In Parliament, Komal Oli apologises to Dalits. Know why?

File: Komal Oli in National Assembly

Kathmandu, March 13

Popular folk singer Komal Oli on Wednesday apologised to the Dalit community while speaking in a Parliament meeting.

The National Assembly member representing the ruling Nepal Communist Party said she realised that a statement that she produced during a television interview recently hurt Dalits’ feelings.

Oli had used a proverb that contained the word ‘Dum’, a group within Dalits. Some Dalit organisations and leaders had protested the use of word citing it was offensive.

“I had not used the proverb to hurt a particular group. I apologise if that did so,” she said in the House meeting today, adding she had utmost respect to all ethnic groups and communities of the country.

Oli who was a popular newscaster till few years ago said proverbs should be understood for their metaphorical meanings only.

“I had not even imagined that the proverb would have such an impact on a particular group,” she said, stating she was also hurt by the responses people made against her use of the word.

Published on March 13th, Wednesday, 2019 3:08 PM

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