Election Commission warns against coercion and enticement to force anyone to withdraw nominations

File image: Election Commission of Nepal
File image: Election Commission of Nepal

Kathmandu, April 29

The Election Commission has warned against coercion and enticement used to force anyone to withdraw nominations they have filed to contest the local elections.

The commission issued a statement on Friday with the urge in response to news reports that political parties involved in the ruling alliance have been putting pressure on their leaders and cadres who are contesting the polls as independent candidates to withdraw.

Earlier, it was reported that Home Minister Bal Krishna Shrestha and State Minister Umesh Shrestha were also involved in persuading Nepali Congress leaders in Chitwan to withdraw candidacies.

In several parts of the country, the leaders and cadres belonging to different parties have filed independent nominations by rebelling against the party’s decisions to nominate someone else for the positions.

But, the Election Commission says efforts would be against the election code of conduct and fundamental human rights.

The commission clarifies nominations cannot be withdrawn without the candidate’s consent.

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