Education bill sparks massive teachers protest in Kathmandu

Teachers from all over the country gathered in Maitighar Mandala to protest against the ‘regressive’ education bill. Photo: Shankar Giri

Kathmandu, September 20

Teachers staged a protest in Kathmandu on Wednesday, expressing dissatisfaction with certain provisions of the recently introduced education bill by the government.

In response to the call from the Nepal Teachers’ Federation, educators from all corners of the country assembled at Maitighar Mandala to voice their concerns. They brandished placards bearing slogans.

The protest was initiated by the federation, demanding amendments to the provisions outlined in sections 71 to 88 of the bill, as it was not introduced in accordance with the previous agreement.

Education bill - teachers protest
The teachers brandished placards bearing slogans demanding justice for them calling for amendments in the education bill.

The federation is discontented with clauses barring them from receiving donations, gifts, or support, establishing companies, engaging in business activities, seeking employment elsewhere, and participating in demonstrations or strikes.

Furthermore, the federation aims to revise the provision that enables the suspension of salary increases for up to five years or halts promotions for a similar period if teachers fail to responsibly disclose property details or violate any prescribed rules and codes of conduct. Additionally, the teachers also want the local level not to have the authority to dismiss teachers under these circumstances.

The Ministry of Education has asked the teachers, who have shut down schools, to come for talks but they have refused to do so.

Kamala Tuladhar, President of the federation, said they were doing this because the government did not frame the bill as per previous agreements.

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