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Altaf has always been fond of wearing new shoes. He loves wearing shoes of various designs. But the shoes he loves were limited in the market. There are some designs he did not even find in the market. 

Once, while he was shopping and could not find the shoes he was looking for, he thought about people like himself who could not find the shoe designs they were seeking. Then the idea of opening a shoe factory triggered in Altaf’s mind.

Altaf knew that where there is a problem, there is an opportunity. So he decided to turn his problem into an opportunity. Six years ago, he started manufacturing shoes with the designs he wished to wear.

When he thought of opening a shoe factory, he did not have sufficient capital to invest. Seeking finance, he shared the idea of opening a shoe factory with his friends Faiyaj Ali and Tahir Ahamad, hoping for investment from them. Both were impressed by Altaf’s idea and thus, the friends became partners.

The trio opened a shoe factory with an investment of Rs 10 million. They imported the raw materials from India. Later, they named their shoes Dulla.

In a short period, Dulla earned remarkable popularity in the shoe market. Currently, they also manufacture leather bags, belts, and other materials.

The online buzz


Initially, they did not have a showroom, so they started their business on online platforms. At that time, online shopping culture was less popular. The trio were fully confident about the quality of their product. They introduced an offer called “Try and Buy,” allowing customers to return ordered shoes if they did not like them after trying them on.

“Many customers do not believe in the products just by looking at them in photos. Targeting those people, we introduced the Try and Buy offer,” says Altaf, “Initially we wanted to establish our product, and we introduced leather shoes and bags with a lower profit margin.” 

Gradually, Dulla started to gain popularity, with many becoming regular customers. Most customers prefer visiting the showroom over online shopping, so they opened a small showroom in Kamalpokhari.

Dulla was established to compete with foreign shoe brands and has outlets in Damak, Dharan, Chitwan, Pokhara and Butuwal. 

Dulla has also received offers to open their outlet in Australia, the USA and the UK. 

Youngsters nowadays aim to stand out and express their individuality. As such, Dulla manufactures differently designed shoes and bags in limited quantities ensuring less repetition of the same design among the users.

The growing business

Altaf, owner of Dulla

Recently, there has been a growing preference for leather bags among females, who often seek different designs for various occasions. Catering to this demand, Dulla has produced a range of variants in the design of leather bags. Here, leather goods are available from Rs 2,990 to Rs 14,900.

Initially, Dulla spent the profit on increasing its products. 

Dulla has been manufacturing products for multi-national companies like Ncell, Dabur Nepal and Surya Nepal. 

For the first few years, the company struggled to be established. It ran with a few human resources. Currently, the company has over 40 employees.  

Dulla now sells about 18 to 20 items daily and 500 to 600 items monthly.

More than a seller


“Due to the lack of raw materials in Nepal, they should be imported from India and China. To import raw material is expensive, which increases the manufacturing costs,” says Altaf. He further says that they have been contributing to the country’s economy and generating employment opportunities. In such cases, the government should reduce the import tax on raw materials.

Recently, the number of online shoppers has increased remarkably. Hence, Dulla has been mostly selling its products through online platforms.  “The product ordered from the Kathmandu Valley will be delivered free of charge within a day,” says Altaf. In most cities, the goods are delivered free of charge within a day.

Dulla will exchange the products if any defects are found, says Altaf. “We don’t just sell goods; we also educate customers on how to care for their leather items,” says Altaf to Onlinekhabar, “Additionally, we provide shoe polish and shine for free.”

The Dulla products have been equally liked by the Nepali living outside Nepal. When they come to Nepal, they buy it and take it with them. Dulla has been receiving orders from the USA, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Japan, the UK and a few other European countries. Dulla has also been exporting its products to various countries.

“Lately the demand for leather jackets is growing so we are planning to manufacture leather jackets as well,” says Altaf, “The customers have asked to open an outlet in Lalitpur. This year we have planned to add two outlets in Kathmandu and Lalitpur.”

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