Ducati bikes: Nepal price list for August 2021. Plus, 4 best luxurious bikes to buy

Well, Ducati needs no introduction.

It is one of the most luxurious sports bikes in the world. It has a massive fan following and almost everyone dreams of owning one.

The context is no different in Nepal. Who would not want a Ducati at their garage? The authorised dealer of Ducati in Nepal, Turbo Motors Pvt Ltd based in Naxal in Kathmandu, has been selling this bike in Nepal.

Today, we will let you know the updated price list of bikes from this brand as of August 2021 and also give a brief detail about the four best bikes of our choice from the list.

Price list

  Family  Model  Packs  ColourPrice (Rs)
MultistradaMultistrada 950 Ducati red 5,718,754
 Multistrada 950 S Ducati red 6,379,537
   GP white 6,467,058
  TouringDucati red 6,598,339
  TouringGP white 6,685,860
   Ducati red, spoked wheels 6,563,331
   GP white, spoked wheels 6,650,852
 Multistrada V4 Ducati red 7,171,602
 Multistrada V4 S Ducati red 7,933,034
   Aviator grey 7,981,170
   Ducati red, spoked wheels 8,116,828
   Aviator grey, spoked wheels 8,164,964
  TouringDucati red 8,248,109
  TouringAviator grey 8,296,245
  TouringDucati red, spoked wheels 8,431,903
  TouringAviator grey, spoked wheels 8,480,039
  Technology + TouringDucati red 8,466,911
  Technology + TouringAviator grey 8,515,048
  Technology + TouringDucati red, spoked wheels 8,650,705
  Technology + TouringAviator grey, spoked wheels 8,698,842
  PerformanceDucati red 8,226,229
  PerformanceAviator grey 8,274,365
  PerformanceDucati red, spoked wheels 8,410,023
  PerformanceAviator grey, spoked wheels 8,458,159
  Technology + Touring + PerforDucati red 8,760,106
  Technology + Touring + PerforAviator grey 8,808,243
  Technology + Touring + PerforDucati red, spoked wheels 8,943,900
  Technology + Touring + PerforAviator grey, spoked wheels 8,992,037
 Multistrada V4 S SportPerformanceLivery 8,353,134
  PerformanceLivery, spoked wheels 8,536,928
  Technology + Touring + PerforLivery 8,887,012
  Technology + Touring + PerforLivery, spoked wheels 9,070,806
 Multistrada V4 Pikes Peak (MY22) Livery 9,342,121
  TechnologyLivery 9,560,923
 Multistrada 1260 Enduro Ducati red 7,940,353
   Sand 7,986,425
  TouringDucati red, Touring pack 8,322,580
  TouringSand, Touring pack 8,368,653
HypermotardHypermotard 950 Ducati red 5,254,893
 Hypermotard 950 RVE Livery 5,486,824
 Hypermotard 950 SP Livery 6,506,443
StreetfighterStreetfighter V4 Ducati red 7,434,164
 Streetfighter V4 S Ducati red 8,348,758
   Dark stealth 8,436,279
MonsterMonster Ducati red 4,861,049
   Dark stealth / Aviator grey 4,904,810
 Monster + Ducati red 4,970,450
   Dark stealth / Aviator grey 5,014,211
 Monster 821 Ducati red 4,862,362
 Monster 821 Stealth Livery 5,081,025
 Monster 1200 Ducati red 5,674,994
 Monster 1200 S Ducati red 6,585,211
   Black on black 6,633,348
SupersportSupersport 950 Ducati red 5,657,490
 Supersport 950 S Ducati red 6,169,487
   White 6,217,623
ScramblerScrambler Icon Dark Matt Bback 4,090,865
 Scrambler Icon 62 yellow / Red 4,274,659
 Scrambler Nightshift Aviator grey 4,510,965
 Scrambler Desert Sled Sparkling blue 4,926,690
 Scrambler Desert Sled Fasthouse Livery 5,014,211
 Scrambler 1100 Dark PRO Black 5,246,141
 Scrambler 1100 PRO Livery 5,438,687
 Scrambler 1100 Sport PRO Matt black 5,836,907
PanigalePanigale V4 Ducati red 8,528,176
 Panigale V4 S Ducati red 10,151,689
 Panigale V4 SP Black livery 11,871,475
 Panigale V4 R Livery 12,965,487
 Superleggera V4 Livery 33,121,556
 Panigale V2 Ducati red 6,782,133
   Star white silk 7,000,936
DiavelDiavel 1260 Dark stealth 7,609,206
 Diavel 1260 S Ducati red / Thrilling black and dark stealth 8,515,048
 Diavel 1260 Lamborghini Livery 11,162,556
 XDiavel Dark Dark Stealth 7,508,557
 XDiavel S Black 8,698,842
 XDiavel Black Star Livery 8,913,268

4 bikes to watch from the list

1. Multistrada

Ducati Multistrada
Photo: Ducati

Ducati Multistrada is for the ultimate adventure. It is Sportier and more touring, stronger in off-road use, and easier in urban action. Lightweight and compact, the new generation of Ducati Multistrada comes with the new 170 HP V4 Granturismo engine for a sporty and exciting ride on mixed terrain. It is ready for long journeys thanks to the navigation system that can be viewed on the dashboard and the innovative rider assistance radar system. It will offer you excellent riding comfort.

The electronic suspension, the surprisingly fluid power delivery, high ground clearance, and the perfect ergonomics are some of the many notable features of Ducati Multistrada. There are plenty of models that have different characteristics and features one can choose from Ducati Multistrada.

2. Hypermotard

Ducati Hypermotard
Photo: Ducati

Ducati Hypermotard is a supermoto bike of Ducati. Built for the ultimate city ride, this bike has plenty to offer for the riders. Especially talking about the SP version, the Hypermotard 950 SP has a big, 937-cc, liquid-cooled, twin-cylinder engine that produces 114 horsepower at 9,000 rpm and 96Nmt of torque at 7,250 rpm.

This is a decent power level considering it is a Ducati bike, but what really puts the hyper in the Hypermotard is its weight: the bike has a dry weight of 176 kg, which is pretty amazing for a bike of such calibre. It has a six-speed sequential gearbox, and the SP has a quick shifter that allows for up and downshifting without using the clutch. The Hypermotard 950 family is equipped with a revised version of the 937cc twin-cylinder Ducati Testastretta 11°.

The basic Ducati Hypermotard is equipped with riding modes, ABS Bosch cornering, Ducati traction control (DTC) EVO, Ducati wheelie control (DWC) EVO, power modes, daytime running light (DRL), tapered aluminium handlebars, removable passenger footpegs, and USB power socket whereas the RVE and SP models have additional features.

3. Monster

Ducati Monster
Photo: Ducati

This is probably the most popular Ducati bike in Nepal. The Monster represents all the essence of the brand in the lightest, most compact and essential form possible. The design of the monster is exactly what all expect from a naked sports bike and the new monsters are even more cutting-edge and have modern looks. The aggressive curves with a modern twist set pure monster-style emotion.

In the monster series itself, you have plenty of options to choose from. The sleek and compact design of the Monster makes it more desirable.

The top version of Ducati Monster, Monster 1200 S, is considered one of the most powerful naked sports of all time. Monster 1200 S includes a powerful engine and is full-bodied at every speed, has compact dimensions, an agile chassis and world-class electronic equipment including riding modes, DTC, DWC, cornering ABS and Ducati quick shift up/down.

4. Diavel

Photo: Ducati

Diavel is the ultimate cruiser bike of Ducati. The new Diavel is built around the Testastretta DVT 1262 engine, a beacon of power, beauty and sophistication. The 162hp on the bike leads to unbelievable acceleration and pick-up. The Ride by Wire (RbW) control matched with three riding modes and three power modes allows personalising engine responsiveness.

The bike has a muscular line and an imposing front that brings out the strong and restless personality of the new Diavel, featuring a long, slender rear with a 240 mm rear wheel. The Diavel 1260 S version is fitted with distinctive golden Öhlins suspensions, for guaranteed fun and an exciting riding experience.

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