152 animals dead in Chitwan National Park in 8 months

Kathmandu, March 27

A total of 152 animals died in Chitwan National Park in the first eight months of the ongoing fiscal year, the most being spotted deer at 70.

According to Ganesh Prasad Tiwari, 32 rhinos died in the same time period. Out of them, two were killed by poachers, he says.

Similarly, 10 wild water buffalos, two tigers, three barking deer, two mugger crocodiles, nine samber deer, two wild bores, two snakes, two pythons, four lagunas, and two ruddy shelduck died in this period.

Apart from that, one bear, leopard, elephant, Ardeidae, tortoise, blue bull, gauri gai, mahala cat and porcupine each have also died.

Tiwari says that all other deaths were due to natural causes.

“Most were killed by a tiger or a leopard,” says Tiwari. Other causes of death were fighting with each other, old age and falling off ledges.

Chitwan National Park is one of the most diverse national parks in the country. Around 68 different animals and 544 birds can be found there.

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