Paragonimiasis: Crab eaters in Nepal at risk of contracting this life-threatening disease

Ask locals of many Nepali villages what they do as primary treatment for jaundice, hundreds of them are likely to say, “Mince raw crab or crayfish and eat it uncooked.” The homemade medicine is, in fact, effective in healing the ailment quickly- if we are to believe what a man from Gulmi told doctors at […]

Human fascioliasis: An emerging life-threatening disease is testing Nepal’s doctors

In August 2015, a 45-year-old woman from Surkhet of Karnali province approached the Tribhuvan University Teaching Hospital with ‘unusual’ complaints. The patient was tired after visiting hospitals in Nepal and India for the past few months–none could diagnose her condition. Most doctors she visited had told her that she had cirrhosis (scarring of the liver), […]