Trip to Gadhimai: A profound experience evoking awe and wonder

The year: 2014. The day: November 24. Despite a massive global media furor and campaigns including stage protests, impassioned pleas, urgent petitioning, vocal dissents and vehement denunciations–the day marked the beginning of a month-long—the ‘largest’, ‘bloodiest’, ‘cruelest’, ‘goriest’, and ‘most barbaric’ animal sacrifice in the world at a Hindu shrine called Gadhimai in a small […]

The 25-year-old pellet: A shikar anecdote from Nepal’s Terai

One fine morning, a man in a camouflage baseball cap and matching fatigue crawled doggy fashion on a freshly cut rice field, a gun clutched in his right hand. The field, still wet with the morning mist, wets and soils his clothes and the paddy stubbles hurt—for all he cares. It turns out he is […]