Glimpses of Gokyo: On the foothills of the world’s roof

For thousands of people in the world, the only thing they know about Nepal is that it is the home to Mount Everest, the highest mountain in the world. Hence, they fail to realise that Nepal boasts many other travel destinations which are as enticing as the Everest. One is the Gokyo Lake, which lies […]

Trip to Gadhimai: A profound experience evoking awe and wonder

The year: 2014. The day: November 24. Despite a massive global media furor and campaigns including stage protests, impassioned pleas, urgent petitioning, vocal dissents and vehement denunciations–the day marked the beginning of a month-long—the ‘largest’, ‘bloodiest’, ‘cruelest’, ‘goriest’, and ‘most barbaric’ animal sacrifice in the world at a Hindu shrine called Gadhimai in a small […]