Bodhi Toastmasters Club celebrates its 100th meeting

Kathmandu, August 4

Bodhi Toastmasters Club on Monday celebrated its 100th meeting online, amid the current pandemic situation.

Like always, there were two impromptu speaking sessions ‘Spin-a-Yarn’ and ‘Turncoat’ where the speakers–Jenny Manandhar, Anishka Shakya and Bibek Dutta–were rewarded digital certificates and gift vouchers for their deliveries.

In addition, the meeting took a break from its other public speaking practices and indulged in music, meditation, and dancing. The meeting called upon guests like the founder of Project Sarangi, Kiran Nepali; representative of Art of Living faculty in Nepal, Suvarna Shreshna Basnet; Ujyalo Foundation Executive Director Amuda Mishra;  and choreographer and owner of BDFA BELLEZ in India, Rohit Saud.

The club is comprised of 25 members, the majority of whom are working in the educational ecosystem of Kathmandu along with a few from other sectors.

Bodhi Toastmasters Club is one of the 16,600 toastmasters clubs that are functioning in 143 countries. These clubs encourage and practice public speaking skills as well as leadership skills for all its members.

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