Biratnagar trader attacked with khukuri in broad daylight

Lama has wounds in his stomach and hand.

Biratnagar, September 27

Kalam Singh Lama, a brick trader based in Biratnagar, has been attacked near the Biratnagar High Court in broad daylight on Sunday.

Police say that the attack happened because of an ownership dispute with partners.

Lama (32) was on his way to the High Court to challenge the decision made by the District Administration Office, Morang. His business partner, Sajid Miya, had filed a complaint at the DAO, after which all his business accounts were frozen.

Lama had reached Biratnagar on Sunday morning and was on his way to the court after visiting his lawyer when he was stabbed by a khukuri by two people.

Police arrested 27-year-old Bimal Karki on the charge of attempted murder while his accomplice is on the run. Police say that Karki is a member of a goon group that operates in Biratnagar.

Along with Karki, Lama’s business partner has also been arrested. Police say the two were having disputes about each other’s share in the business.

Lama was rushed to Birat Nursing Home and Biratnagar Hospital but was later taken to Kathmandu for further treatment. Doctors say he has deep wounds in his stomach and hands.

Investigations are ongoing, informed police.

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