Biratnagar schools to reopen on Dec 17

Biratnagar, December 7

The local government in Biratnagar, the Province 1 capital, has decided to reopen all the schools closed since March this year due to the Covid-19 crisis.

According to the metropolitan city government’s decision, the schools will reopen on December 17. As the risk of coronavirus infection has decreased in the city, the schools will reopen, Mayor Bhim Parajuli says.

However, the schools will be operated in two shifts to avoid crowds whereas some online classes will also be conducted, according to him.

“Guardians will also be consulted about the reopening. There will be precautions (against the virus),” Parajuli says.

The federal government has authorised local units to decide if and when to resume teaching-learning activities analysing the situation at the local level.

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