Bagmati CM Ashta Laxmi Shakya resigns before facing the vote of confidence

Ashta Laxmi Shakya
File: Ashta Laxmi Shakya

Kathmandu, October 27

Bagmati Chief Minister Ashta Laxmi Shakya has announced her resignation on Wednesday before she was scheduled to seek the vote of confidence in the Bagmati Provincial Assembly.

As her government had already been pushed into the minority, CPN-UML’s Shakya was certain to lose the vote and hence the chief ministerial position. Shakya was appointed the chief minister as the leader of the party commanding a majority in the assembly on August 18.

Shakya announced her resignation during the assembly meeting in Hetaunda on Wednesday afternoon.

Now, the opposition parties can claim the chief minister’s position and form the new government, by showing evidence they can garner majority votes in the assembly.

The opposition alliance consisting of parties represented in the federal government have already decided to nominate Rajendra Prasad Pandey of the CPN-Unified Socialist as the next chief minister.

Shakya was required to prove the legislative body’s confidence in her to continue her government as the party she represented, CPN-UML, split with the formation of the CPN-Unified Socialist.

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