Ankit Shrestha releases new song, River

Kathmandu, December 19

Ankit Shrestha, a singer-songwriter based in New York has released his new single, River, on December 18. The song is written and composed by Shrestha and produced by Diwas Gurung.

The song revolves around the idea of a person feeling like home and plays with the idea of the same person helping people get through tough times just by remembering them. It is soulful and is another masterpiece by Shrestha.

The video of the song was produced by Kathacharya Productions and was directed by Gaurav Tamang who through the video is trying to re-imagine Peter Pan in today’s Kathmandu. The video features Bubi Lama and Bishes Prajapati who play the role of Wendy and Peter respectively.

The video complements the song as both the director and cinematographer have done justice to the song along with the two child actors despite their age.

Gaurav Tamang said he was glad to have had Shashank Thapa who through his cinematography helped bring an idea into reality.

“While there are many things I’ve learned from making this video, I would like to share a key lesson I learned, which might come in handy for anyone working with children — remember these small bags of mischief can be mostly tamed with chow mein, chocolate and coffee,” says Tamang.

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