Ankit Shrestha releases new single Dust and Bones

Ankit Shrestha - Dust and Bones
Screengrab from Ankit Shrestha’s new single Dust and Bones

Kathmandu, April 16

Nepali indie artist Ankit Shrestha released his latest single Dust and Bones on April 14.

Dust and Bones is Shrestha’s 20th single and talks about his personal journey through the shadows.

“It is a song about a quest to find the light after a prolonged period of darkness,” he says.

The song is not new to his fans as he has been playing it sporadically since 2017 but adds the current version has evolved both sonically and lyrically.

“Over time, the meaning behind the song has transformed in response to my personal experiences. But despite the changes in the song, it remains a powerful tribute to the perseverance and the victory of being an optimist in challenging times,” he told Platform, a lifestyle magazine based in India.

Listen to the song here – https://li.sten.to/dustandbonesankits…

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