After months of silence, Rara lake is now abuzz with domestic tourists

File: Rara Lake
File: Rara Lake

Sinja, November 13

The Rara lake, a popular tourist destination in Mugu district that was marred for long by the Covid-19 pandemic has begun to get attention again albeit slowly.

The number of domestic tourists flooding the area has shot up during Dashain and Tihar festivals, says the Rara National Park Office.

The park’s officiating conservation officer Padam Budha says, “The lake that wore a deserted look in the past has now seen an increasing number of domestic tourists. At present, hotels and villages in the area have been filled with tourists.”

Approximately 3,000 local tourists visited the lake in the past two months, according to him.

Most of the tourists reached the area on motorcycles, vehicles, or by air, says Budha.

The best time to visit the lake is between March and June, and between September and Novebmer. “Generally, tourists visit the area after the winter and the monsoon. During other periods, the area sees a slim number of tourists,” says Ramesh Raut of Jhyari in Mugu district.

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