Exploring the hidden treasure of Ramechhap: A journey to Panchpokhari

Photos: Bishaw Pandey

In the heart of Nepal lies a hidden treasure, waiting to be discovered by those with a spirit of adventure and a love for nature. Our expedition to Panchpokhari was not just a trek but an unforgettable journey of exploration, resilience, and discovery.

The adventure began with a casual conversation in Pokhara, where we discussed the bird diversity, the majestic Gaurishankar Himal, and the beauty of Jatapokhari and Panchpokhari. Our little conversation ignited a spark of curiosity and led us to an extraordinary exploration.

The expedition

With limited equipment, resources, and a tight budget, our group began on this challenging journey. The schedule added urgency to our journey, motivating us to complete our journey within a limited timeframe.

After planning and packing our essentials, we began our journey from Pokhara to our first stop, Kathmandu, where we stayed around Patan Darbar Square.

From there, we continued our travel by bus, through Kavre, Sindupalchowk, and Dolakha, until we reached Shivalaya, Ramechhap. We reached Shivalaya enjoying the beautiful scenery, landscapes, and rangelands from the bus window.

Despite facing unexpected rain and challenging weather conditions, we reached Khahare Khola on the third day where we were greeted with heartwarming hospitality at a Sherpa hotel. In the warmth of chulo (traditional stove) and a cup of tea, we enjoyed conversation with the Sherpa aunty and listened to her love story.

After Khahare-Khola, there were no hotels or residences of people. Our journey continued on the fourth day and despite relentless rain, we reached Pani-pakha. We stayed that night at Pani-pakha in Gothichour.

Despite the challenging weather, we continued towards Manedanda on the fifth day, where we encountered the true essence of survival as we relied on rainwater for subsistence.

Moments of relief

The beauty of birds along our trail acted as a catalysing factor for us, reducing fatigue and motivating us towards our destination. The beautiful glide of the Himalayan monal and the melodious songs and beauty created moments of relief amidst the challenges of the trek, inspiring us to keep moving forward.

On the sixth day, our determination reached new heights as we trekked towards Jatapokhari and Panchpokhari. Despite tiredness and difficult terrain, the awe-inspiring beauty of Jatapokhari rejuvenated our spirits, motivating us toward our ultimate destination – Panchpokhari.

As we reached Panchpokhari, situated at an altitude of 4,514 meters, we were speechless by its serene and majestic landscape. In the peaceful outdoors of Panchpokhari, we felt calm, happy, and amazed by nature. Our return journey to Manedanda marked the conclusion of our journey, filled with memories for a lifetime. Through Panchpokhari, we did not just carry pictures and memories; we learned an appreciation for nature’s beauty and wonders.

In the end, our journey to Panchpokhari was not just about reaching Panchpokhari but about embracing the challenges, and adventurers, and experiencing the profound beauty of the Gaurishankar Conservation Area. As we reflect on our expedition, we are reminded that the true treasures of life are often found in the journey itself.

Jatapokhari and Panchpokhari hold deep historical and religious significance. The place is extensively toured by the devotees during Janai Purnima. The believer takes a dip in the holy water of Jatapokhari as it is believed that it fulfils one’s wishes and clears past sins.

Visitors can enjoy Jatapokharai and PanchPokhari at just a difference of 300-meter altitudinal difference and a two-hour walk. Uncover the hidden gems of Ramechhap, where every trail leads to a new adventure, and every step brings us closer to the heart of nature’s beauty.

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