5,611 people arrested in drug trafficking and abuse charges in one year

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Kathmandu, July 19

Police have arrested 5,611 people on the charge of their involvement in drug trafficking and abuse in the fiscal year 2022/23.

According to the Narcotics Control Bureau of the Nepal Police, 3,712 cases have been filed against them. SP Chakra Raj Joshi said 18,022 kilogrammes of marijuana, 528 kilogrammes of hashish, 14.350 kilogrammes of brown sugar, 14.567 kilogrammes of cocaine and 34.258 kilogrammes of opium were seized from the people arrested.

Similarly, 62,279 ampules of Brufen, 67,434 ampules of diazepam, 34,829 ampules of Phenergan, 105,414 tablets of nitravet, 10,797 tablets of tramadol, 8,951 bottles of corex were impounded during one year period, shared Joshi.

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