In 14 quake-hit districts, Nepal government deploys 58 officers to speed up reconstruction


Kathmandu, June 27

The government of Nepal has deputed a new batch of 58 section officers to 14 earthquake-affected districts in view of a shortage of village development committee secretaries there. These officers had recently cleared Public Service Commission examinations and interviews.

The Ministry of Local Development took the move in view of delays in post-quake reconstruction work and in reaching grant agreements with the victims for reconstruction of quake-ravaged houses.

Purna Chandra Bhattarai, spokesperson at the ministry, said they will work in the districts for three months.

After the publication of results of exams conducted for selection of VDC secretaries, the ministry aims to call back the 58 officers. Eighty-two VDCs in 14 quake-affected districts have been without VDC secretaries for long. Because of this, a VDC secretary has to look after as many as three VDCs. This has affected post-quake reconstruction work and delayed grant agreements with the victims.

The ministry hopes the deployment of officers in affected districts will speed up reconstruction work and signing of grant deals.

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