Shristi is an animal lover, a writer and a dance enthusiast. She’s been campaigning for animal rights more than a decade. Also a fitness instructor, Shristi is a believer in equal rights for humans and animals alike. She is a mother of two-year-old girl, the fuel that ignites her soul.

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The painful passing of Maya who was more than my dog

Oxytocin is a chemical the brain secretes when someone you love crosses your path. It is what makes your stomach flutter and heart drop. This ‘biological trick’, however, is not only confined to us, humans. The flow of oxytocin has been reported in animals as well, especially in dogs. When your dog looks at you, they […]

Why do we need to save frogs?

Monsoon brings with it puddles, umbrellas and rain boots. It also welcomes the songs of frogs. Frogs usually do not come up in middle of a conversation when we discuss animal conservation, but these amphibians have some impressive traits that need to be acknowledged. Similarly, once you know the ecological significance of frogs, you will […]

HattiHatti: Small-scale solution with big hopes against fast fashion’s problems

When we talk about climate change and pollution, we are outraged by oil companies and vehicle manufacturers who do not think about pollution, we are worried about deforestation. However, it may come as a surprise to many that the industry that produces clothes we wear is among the top contributors to pollution, worldwide. According to […]

The story of Maya: Why puppy mills in Kathmandu need to stop

I was at a get-together with friends when I got a call from my mother. She was telling me that a puppy I had brought from my neighbour’s crawled into my room and fell asleep on my bed. My mother did not want more dogs in the house. We already had two. However, the puppy […]

How a pioneering Nepali belly dancer wants to break stereotypes, inspire new talent

Born and raised in Kathmandu, Pinky Sapkota always had an innate sense of connection with dance movements. Trained in Salsa and Bachata at the Salsa Dance Academy, she knew from early on that her passion for dance would be a big part of her life. Later she realised belly dance was her calling. Fluid movements, […]

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