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Utsav Authentic Nepali Restaurant review: Good food along with cultural experience

Recently, efforts are being made to put Nepali cuisine on the world map, but we hardly appreciate ‘authentic’ Nepali cuisine. We seem to take our food for granted as most of us often say ‘why eat out dal bhat, I can eat that at home’–a reason why Nepali cuisine isn’t as well known as other […]

Madhav Narayan Jatra: This is how devotees wrapped up the month-long festival

The month-long Madhav Narayan Jatra which started on the full moon day of Poush concluded in Bhaktapur today. The festival is dedicated to God Madhav Narayan and Goddess Swasthani where devotees dress up and recite folk tales about various noble feats performed by the Gods along the streets of Bhaktapur. During the festival, the idol […]

Mata Syaeema Pass: The lamp that kept burning

It’s no secret that male dominance has been a norm in Nepali or for that matter Asian culture from days of yore.  Women have had a miserable time coping with this social stigma. Some fought their way through; most just bowed down to it. This story speaks for itself. “Mata syaeema pass, mata chyakeema fail”. […]

The city that stands still: A walk around ancient alleys of Patan

We have passed through it so many times, seen it in countless photographs, studied lazily in history lessons, but do we understand it yet? Growing up in the heavily urban Kathmandu, I never really knew Patan. I had only been there once, and it was almost like a foreign place. I could never have imagined […]

How Tintin inspired an iconic Nepali shirt brand

When Pradeep Man Shakya, the owner of Juju Wears, was in the sixth grade, he had read Tintin in Tibet. Patan’s Bhimsensthan was in it. But when a porter reprimanded Captain Haddock in Hindi for shouting at him, Shakya was hurt. ‘How could the creator of Tintin have been so blatantly insensitive to Nepal? Didn’t […]

Oscars 2017: How it celebrated the humble, while avoiding the overtly political

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s radio anchor Mark Colvin once opened a news report on the Oscars ceremony with a prescient segue: “Meanwhile, over in La La Land, the annual integrity awards are underway.” He could have had no inkling of the drama that would surround a film called La La Land this year. Some rumblings […]