Tourism industry in Nepal: Trends and challenges in the present era

Khaptad National Park in monsoon National parks in Nepal tourism industry in Nepal
Khaptad National Park in monsoon is a green haven. It is important the tourism industry in Nepal promotes destinations like this.

The tourism industry in Nepal is the fourth largest job creator in the country as it employs 371,140 people according to an analytical report by Central Bureau Statistics.

Clearly, the tourism sector has been significantly impacted by the adverse effects of the Covid pandemic, leading to the failure of the ‘Visit Nepal 2020’ campaign. That was seen in the numbers as the number of foreign visitors to the country dropped by 80 per cent in 2020, the lowest in 34 years.

Things are gradually improving and the country is getting more tourists. In 2023, the government has set a target of attracting one million tourists. Recent data from the Central European International Cup (CEIC) indicates a gradual rise in tourist numbers. In March 2023, Nepal welcomed 99,426 tourists, compared to 73,225 visitors in the previous month.

The tourism industry in Nepal plays a vital role in bolstering the country’s economy. It serves as a potential source of foreign exchange and contributing to increased government revenue. To address the challenges in this sector, it is crucial for the country to comprehend the prevailing trends in the tourism industry and proactively undertake initiatives to enhance and upgrade the industry accordingly.

Tapping into adventure sports and their challenges

The tourism industry in Nepal has not promoted skiing in the country. Photo: Shanta Nepali

Nepal is a country with diverse geographical terrain and no other country can beat the diversity found in its natural beauty. Not only that Nepal, is rich in culture and tradition, which can provide tourists with adequate opportunities to immerse themself in the local lifestyle.

Likewise, the country itself is home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, where all these heritage sites provide a glance at Nepal’s history, art, and architecture. Also known for its vibrant festival celebration, visitors can witness and know about the traditional rituals along with its beliefs.

Moreover, there are various adventurous activities such as trekking, rafting, bungee jumping, canoeing and paragliding that can attract tourists to Nepal making it a destination for those who want to indulge themselves in adventure sports.

However, the adventure tourism industry in Nepal is not free from challenges. With the potential of adventure sports in Nepal, Nepal should be prepared for the unfortunate consequences that happen sometime in this field.

As such Nepal has to focus on the safety of the tourists and there is a need for better safety and security measures for tourists, which includes rescue operations, and exceptional infrastructure for emergency services as well.

Tourism is a significant source of income for the country, and the safety of tourists can significantly impact the tourism industry in Nepal where ensuring the safety of tourists is pivotal for the country’s continued growth and development.

Moreover, it is very important for the government to take action against fraud cases. The videos spreading on social media clearly reflect the unusual activity shown by locals to foreigners. The trend of overpricing is increasing on certain things, which adversely affects the flourishing sector of tourism. Therefore, it’s important to take action against those people by concerned authorities so that no problem shall arise against this.

Then, the government should focus on the transportation system if it wants to bring in more tourists. Travelling from one place to another should be hassle-free for the tourists.

Taking initiations

Api Himal is a destination that stake holders in the tourism industry in Nepal have not tapped into.

The lack of promotion and marketing efforts for lesser-known tourist destinations has resulted in tourists not being aware of the attractive places in Nepal. It is important to develop a comprehensive strategy for the promotion and marketing of these destinations.

By implementing effective promotional campaigns and marketing initiatives, the country can increase awareness among tourists and showcase the diverse and appealing attractions it has to offer.

Lekhnath Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the Begnas Lake Boat Entrepreneurs’ Committee and the fisheries has taken the initiative to conserve and promote Begnas lake through various activities around it. The visitors’ flow is low in Begnas lake in comparison to Phewa lake despite its beauty and allure.

Each place offers a multiple ranges of explorations and various backgrounds to individuals. Another important aspect, while promoting the place to visit, is to note the maintenance of the environment. Several attractive places surrounding are degrading day by day due to the activities of visitors.

So, it is important to maintain a sustained environment that enchants the traveller such as the implication of a cleaning campaign at the destination for better sustenance.

Overall, the tourism industry in Nepal is playing a vital role in country’s economy as it is providing employment opportunities, demonstrating the natural beauty and bring forign currency into the country. So it is important for the government to make proper plans and policies to ensure that the tourism industry in the country can flourish in a better way, which is beneficial to all.                     

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