Trip to Gadhimai: A profound experience evoking awe and wonder

The year: 2014. The day: November 24. Despite a massive global media furor and campaigns including stage protests, impassioned pleas, urgent petitioning, vocal dissents and vehement denunciations–the day marked the beginning of a month-long—the ‘largest’, ‘bloodiest’, ‘cruelest’, ‘goriest’, and ‘most barbaric’ animal sacrifice in the world at a Hindu shrine called Gadhimai in a small […]

Mustang is welcoming more Nepalis than ever

This was the fifth time I was in the ancient settlement of Mustang. But every time I go there, I get a feeling of something new. This time it was the tourists, who were there to enjoy the rich culture and splendid natural beauty of the place. During my previous visits, I had not seen […]