Discovering wonders of wildernesses in Kathmandu

  In his book The Happy Isles of Oceania, the genre-bending travel writer Paul Theroux states that “as long as there is wilderness, there is hope.” Theroux, an established novelist and best-selling author of the acclaimed The Great Railway Bazaar, is heartbroken. His marriage is in tatters. Divorce is on the horizon. It is under […]

From cauliflowers to goat milk: The story of Nepal’s pioneering cheese factory

One wintry morning, a couple in their mid-twenties prepare their load on their dokos (conical-shaped dry bamboo strip hand-woven baskets) laden almost to overflowing with cauliflower from their farm. The man carried a bigger basket and the woman a slightly smaller one. They heaved the load onto their backs and started from their home in […]