Janakpur: Meeting Ram, Sita and Shiva in the holy city

Whenever we hear the name ‘Janakpur’, we remember the Ramayana,┬áthe brave prince from Ayodhya and his bride or the beautiful princess of Mithila. Janakpur, formerly ‘Mithila’, was a thriving cultural centre in the ancient times. It was here that King Janak, one of the wisest men of his times, ruled over a prosperous kingdom. It […]

Six reasons why Kailash-Mansarovar yatra is a trip of a lifetime

Mt Kailash is, perhaps, the most sacred of all religious sites for Hindus, as well as Buddhists. The mountain, located in present day Tibet, is believed to the abode of Lord Shiva ‘Mahadev’ (the lord of all lords). The remote location of the mountain as well as stringent border controls on the part of the […]