Nuwakot: A traveller’s guide to the historic town near Kathmandu

  History tells you that at one point of time, Nuwakot was stronger than Kathmandu. That was the time when the old town was full of stone art. It was so pretty that people from all over Nepal used to visit the place. It was in Nuwakot that Prithvi Narayan Shah, the king who unified¬†Nepal, […]

Lo Manthang: The challenging ride to the land of the Lowas

For me, the evening of day two at Samar proved tortuous. None but I was to be blamed for my near collapse at the Dajongla Pass that afternoon.¬† A full-blown diabetic, I knew I could not go on an empty stomach for longer periods, especially during a gruelling ride. Even a hardcore biker is supposed […]