Balthali in monsoon: Exploring a different face of nature

For many, monsoon perhaps is not the best season to travel in Nepal. Most of the roads turn muddy and slippery and clouds block sightseeing. But wait, if you are an avid travel enthusiast, the weather cannot be an issue. Further, there are some places which provide you with different tastes of natural beauty in […]

Janakpur: Meeting Ram, Sita and Shiva in the holy city

Whenever we hear the name ‘Janakpur’, we remember the Ramayana,┬áthe brave prince from Ayodhya and his bride or the beautiful princess of Mithila. Janakpur, formerly ‘Mithila’, was a thriving cultural centre in the ancient times. It was here that King Janak, one of the wisest men of his times, ruled over a prosperous kingdom. It […]