Repairing cameras is not just about the mechanics, says Kathmandu’s keeper of cameras

“And the award goes to…” the announcer read out from the podium, “…Kiran Shrestha!” There was a considered pause. “I don’t know what to say,” Shrestha finally spoke. “Perhaps there is nothing to say,” added Shrestha, “the award says it all.” Shrestha, a technician who repairs cameras, was so overwhelmed that he had become speechless. […]

Kathmandu’s Leopard Catcher: His ‘children’ attack him, but he still loves them

When Radha Krishna Gharti, a senior veterinarian at Nepal’s Central Zoo, is in his office, the adrenaline level in his blood stream can easily go from ‘zero to sixty’ in a matter of few seconds. Saturday, May 17, 2014 was one such day. The vet, who is one of the handful of doctors in Kathmandu, who can […]