Desire creates a city, and the same desire consumes it: Chinese artist Song Dong

The ‘city’ he’d built painstakingly over the last four days was being ‘eaten’ in front of him, but Chinese artist Song Dong was enjoying the destruction of his own creation. Song, who has been building model cities around the world using biscuits, cakes and candies (read ‘anything sweet’), says watching people consume his art is […]

In Kathmandu, I got lost but found the ‘Karachi’ I wanted

On a summer evening in 2016, Sana Nasir, a UAE-born Karachiite, found herself frantically seek a way out of the alleys in Patan in southern Kathmandu. Her cell phone battery was completely drained, and no one knew where she was. “I was completely blinded,” says Nasir, who had come to Kathmandu to take part in […]