Redmud: How a college dropout learnt life lessons from failures

Aashish Adhikari ‘wasted’ eight precious years of his youth from 2003 to 2011: He gradually lost concentration in his studies after he began classes at a management college in Kathmandu. He was looking for excuses to leave. Soon, he understood that unstable politics and the Maoist insurgency were reasons enough for his middle-class family to […]

The Road Not Taken: Why this young Spaniard is determined to invest her life in Nepal

Aina Barca was 21 when she visited Nepal for the first time. After completing Bachelor’s in Social Work, she had come to Hetauda of Makawanpur district for one month. Before visiting Nepal, she had of course known that there was a country with this name, but had not learned anything else about it. But, by […]