How bahaas of Kathmandu are losing their appeal

Growing up in a religious Brahmin family, I visited a lot of temples. Every Saturday, I’d set out with my parents and head to the shrines of which I had no idea about. One of them was the Sankata shrine in Te Bahaa. Every time I asked my parents about the place, they told me […]

Bhoto Dekhaune Jatra: Learn about the story behind ornamented vest

Every year before the monsoon arrives, residents of Patan are in full flow. They celebrate the onset of monsoon by paying homage to the God of Rain, Rato Machhindranath, by hosting a month-long festival. The festival draws to a close on the day of Bhoto Dekhaune Jatra where an ornamented bhoto (vest) of Machhindranath is […]