In Photos: A sugary treat to mark the winter’s end

  As Dashain and Tihar comes to an end every year, make-shift ‘confectioneries’ at Kathmandu’s ancient Newar settlement of Tokha start cooking up delicious Chaku, a sticky taffee with bits of nuts and coconut encrusted on it. Even though the products don’t go into sales until a few months later during Yomari Punhi and Maghe […]

Why Karnali is not just Rara, it’s Nepal’s intangible heritage

In September this year, I had the opportunity to visit the Karnali region. It was a dream come true, for I would also visit Rara Although at every turn I saw nature at it best–whether it was the serene lake of Rara or the terraced fields of Mugu, or the lush, fertile valley of Sinja–the […]