Kathmandu through the ‘other’ eyes of a photojournalist

Most of the photos that we see in the Nepali press these days is of political leaders, rallies, protests and accidents. Photojournalists rush to the scene to try to make sense of the news and send photos to the newsroom. Dipesh Shrestha, who has been working in the news media for around a decade, is […]

In Photos: A sugary treat to mark the winter’s end

  As Dashain and Tihar comes to an end every year, make-shift ‘confectioneries’ at Kathmandu’s ancient Newar settlement of Tokha start cooking up delicious Chaku, a sticky taffee with bits of nuts and coconut encrusted on it. Even though the products don’t go into sales until a few months later during Yomari Punhi and Maghe […]