In-route weather camera set up on Kathmandu-Lukla air route

Lukla Airport - Kathmandu-Lukla air route
Lukla Airport has an incredibly short runway. Photo: Shashwat Pant

Kathmandu, September 5

In order to make weather information effective, an in-route weather camera has been installed on the Kathmandu-Lukla air route.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal has installed weather information cameras in coordination with the National Innovation Center. The cameras will give direct information about the weather conditions along the departure and destination airport.

According to CAAN, in-route weather cameras will be installed in other destinations as well. These cameras will be in operation from sunrise to sunset. CAAN has borne the expenses of setting up the camera and its maintenance.

Kathmandu-Lukla route is considered one of the most dangerous air routes in the world.

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