Prime Minister Dahal gains Vote of Confidence amid NC’s Protest

Kathmandu, May 20

Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has obtained a vote of confidence from the parliament. This is the fourth time he sought a vote of confidence in the House of Representatives since he assumed office in December 2022.

In the second meeting of the lower house today, the Prime Minister presented the proposal seeking the vote of confidence amidst the protest and slogans from the major opposition Nepali Congress.

Lawmakers representing other opposition parties also expressed their dissent by standing from their seats during the proceedings. The proposal put forth by Speaker Devraj Ghimire before the meeting for a decision received 157 votes in favour and none against the proposal while one chose to remain neutral.

According to Speaker Ghimire, 158 lawmakers took part in the vote of confidence procedures. The NC lawmakers picketed the well, chanting slogans against the procedures to present the Prime Minister’s proposal to obtain the vote of confidence.

The Speaker permitted the Prime Minister to table the motion seeking confidence. The major opposition has been persistently obstructing parliamentary proceedings, demanding the establishment of a parliamentary committee to impartially investigate the alleged involvement of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Home Affairs in the misappropriation of cooperative funds.

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