Urban Development Minister Jhakri bars user groups from carrying out projects

Ram Kumari Jhakri
File: Ram Kumari Jhakri

Kathmandu, November 9

Urban Development Minister Ram Kumari Jhakri has barred user groups from carrying out projects under the ministry.

Ministry officials say the minister decided to bar the user groups from handling the project as there are complaints rife that the user groups delay the projects and handle them irresponsibly. Of late, the groups have emerged as fake contractors that embezzle funds by leaving them substandard.

The ministry’s spokesperson Bishnu Prasad Sharma says the ministry will not let user groups make any expenses until the next decision.

“There are many complaints about activities of user groups,” he says, “This decision is made to manage this.”

Meanwhile, the ministry also formed a team led by the ministry’s joint secretary to study how the activities of user groups can be made well-managed.

“We want to carry out activities based on an operating procedure as recommended by this committee.”

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