Unseasonal rainfall affecting farmers throughout the country

Unseasonal rainfall destroys crop
Unseasonal rainfall destroys crops in Baglung.

Kathmandu, October 17

The unseasonal rainfall has affected farmers throughout the country.

The rainfall on Monday has impacted farmers in different parts of the country.

Farmers in Tikapur were ready to harvest rice when the rain on Monday frustrated them. They say they were doing so after hearing that monsoon had excited the country but now are unsure whether they should harvest the rice.

Nirmal BK, a farmer from Tikapur, complained that the rice, which was cut down and spread out to dry in the field, got wet due to the untimely rainfall.

“I waited for a tractor to collect the crop, but it did not come. The rainfall drenched the rice. The storm has further destroyed it. If the rainfall continues, all crops will die,” he said.

Likewise, another farmer, Padam Oli, expressed that the rice in his field had ripened. He chose not to harvest it, fearing potential storms on Monday. Unfortunately, the rain, coupled with the storm, caused significant damage to the ripened rice.

“If the rainfall doesn’t stop, it’s bound to harm the crop. I don’t understand why it always rains during harvest season,” says Oli.

Unseasonal rainfall has also affected farmers in Baglung. The buckwheat and vegetables planted by farmers in the district have been destroyed by the rain and hail on Monday.

Dilip Budhathoki, a local farmer said the 15-minute-long hail storm destroyed most crops in the region.

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