UML split in Province 1: New govt in the minority as 10 lawmakers join CPN-Unified Socialist

File: Bhim Acharya

Kathmandu, September 1

The Province 1 government led by the CPN-UML secretary Bhim Acharya has been pushed into the minority as 10 lawmakers of the UML defected to the new CPN-Unified Socialist.

Following the Election Commission’s decision to require provincial lawmakers of the party that has recently split at the central level to inform the commission if they want to join the new party, 10 lawmakers went to the commission’s provincial office in Biratnagar and informed in writing that they joined the Madhav Kumar Nepal-led CPN-Unified Socialist.

The Acharya government was formed just six days ago as incumbent Sher Dhan Rai resigned in the UML’s bid to retain Acharya in the party during the split.

Whereas the chief minister requires the support of at least 47 lawmakers, with 10 joining the new party, the UML has only 41 members in the Provincial Assembly and no other party has supported his government.

In a similar case, Bagmati’s Chief Minister Ashta Laxmi Shakya had also lost the majority support yesterday. When both will lose their positions, all seven provincial governments will be led by leaders of the federal ruling coalition.

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