6 Nepali food YouTubers who are making mouths water

Are you a foodie? Do you love cooking? If yes, this article is just for you as you might discover a few more Nepali food YouTubers to follow on the platform.

In recent years, to promote the rich and diverse cuisine of Nepal to the world, some people from across the country have used YouTube as a platform to showcase their talent.

From traditional village cooking to modern twists on classic recipes, here are some channels that offer a wide variety of dishes for viewers to try at home. [Note: We have listed the channels that have been active at least in the last month.]

1. Yummy Nepali Kitchen

1. Yummy Nepali Kitchen Nepali food youtubers (6)
Screengrab of YouTube channel Yummy Nepali Kitchen.

One of the popular Nepali food YouTubers is Yummy Nepali Kitchen, which has amassed almost 190,000 subscribers since July 2015. The channel features a wide variety of recipes, ranging from easy-to-make snacks to complex curries, all in Nepali. It covers everything from traditional Nepali dishes like chhoila and chukauni to Western-inspired dishes like egg paratha and lachha paratha. The channel also has a website where viewers can access all written recipes.

This channel is great for those who are interested in learning how to cook traditional Nepali dishes. Yummy Nepali Kitchen offers videos that are shot in the Nepali language, making them perfect for those who want to learn more about Nepali cuisine and culture.

2. Sajilo Kitchen

Sajilo Kitchen Nepali food youtubers (5)
Screengrab of YouTube channel Sajilo Kitchen

Another popular channel among Nepali food YouTubers is Sajilo Kitchen, which was created in November 2017. The channel has almost 190,000 subscribers and specialises in easy-to-understand Nepali and other recipes. In the channel, this Nepali food vlogger features a variety of dishes, in over 850 videos including white sauce chicken pasta, chicken fried rice, and pork with bok choy. Other recipes include ghoken (buckwheat bread recipe), and pan-grilled chicken.

3. Nepali Village Kitchen

Nepali Village Kitchen Nepali food youtubers (4)
Screengrab of YouTube channel Nepali Village Kitchen.

While talking about popular Nepali food YouTubers, one can also not miss Nepali Village Kitchen as this channel focuses on traditional Nepali village cuisine. With over 340,000 subscribers, this unconventional Nepali food blogger showcases the raw and unfiltered cooking process, using local ingredients and cooking methods. 

It can be a nice change of experience from the heavy lighting and scripted cooking shows on the internet. The channel also has a sister channel, Rural Nepal Quest, which features lifestyle and cultural videos from rural Nepal.

4. KanchhiKitchen

KanchhiKitchen Nepali food youtubers (3)
Screengrab of YouTube channel KanchhiKitchen.

KanchhiKitchen is yet another channel that showcases traditional Nepali dishes but with a focus on natural and homemade ingredients. The channel was created by Kanchhi Maiya Bhandari and her son Prakash to introduce Nepal’s local cuisine to the world and has over 375,000 subscribers. 

The videos on the channel feature narration-free cooking demonstrations of dishes like chicken curry, rasgulla, and nettle soup. In this unconventional channel among all the active Nepali food YouTubers, the team does not use narration to take the viewers through her cooking but uses clear textual instructions.

5. Easy Kitchen Recipes

Easy Kitchen Recipes Nepali food youtubers (2)
Screengrab of YouTube channel Easy Kitchen Recipes.

Easy Kitchen Recipes is a channel that specialises in simple and authentic Nepali recipes. The channel has over 235,000 subscribers and features recipes like soya beanko gravy and sandheko banda or noodles recipe and omelette recipes. The channel, like other Nepali food YouTubers, aims to help viewers cook delicious meals with ingredients easily available in their kitchens.

6. Mero Nepali Kitchen

Mero Nepali Kitchen Nepali food youtubers (1)
Screengrab of YouTube channel Mero Nepali Kitchen.

Mero Nepali Kitchen is a popular Nepali cooking channel with almost 735,000 subscribers. This channel, among all Nepali food YouTubers, features a variety of Nepali, Indian, and Chinese recipes that are easy to cook as well as delicious to eat. Some of the dishes featured on the channel include chicken curry recipes, homemade chocolate cake or doughnut recipes, and chaku recipes.

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